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Get Quality Sports Medicine Services in Scarborough, North York and the GTA with 2 Convenient Locations

Sports Medicine focuses on the special needs of athletes of all levels, from weekend warriors to professionals and everyone in between. A Sports Medicine specialist provides the care and guidance you need to perform better and avoid future injuries.


We offer services to prevent, treat and rehabilitate sports-related injuries to the lower limbs, including sprains, strains, nerve injuries, deep bruising and soft tissue injuries, fractures and dislocations. We provide care for adults and children who have been injured while playing sports or during ordinary daily activities. Our goal is to help patients resume their normal activities as quickly and as safely as possible, through prevention and rehabilitation following a complete biomechanical assessment.

What Sports Injuries Can Be Treated?

You should seek sports medicine services if you are suffering from any of the following:

Overuse injuries
Heel spurs
Torn ligaments
Tendon injuries

Sports Treatment Options

We offer treatments for most sports related injuries to the lower limbs. 

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